Reiki Courses

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Reasons for taking a Reiki course

Taking a Reiki course can help you in so many ways!

  • You will be able to heal and energise yourself.
  • You can heal your family members when they are unwell.
  • Reiki can clear your mind and give you perspective on your problems.
  • Reiki can be used on your pets, plants, food, home and environment.
  • Reiki can kickstart your intuitive abilities.
  • Reiki can raise your vibration and consciousness, helping you to develop spiritually.
  • You can help yourself deal with stress and emotions more effectively.
  • It creates a foundation for any future healing and intuitive work you may wish to pursue.

Learning Reiki is empowering, you can take control of your own health and wellbeing in a safe way. It is something you can practise almost anywhere. For example, you can even give yourself healing on the train, and no one will even notice!

Do I need prior experience?

No, you don’t need to know anything in advance about Reiki, energy or healing. You just need to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn. People come to reiki from all walks of life and different backgrounds, religions and beliefs. Your level of education does not matter.

What will I learn on the Reiki course?

I am currently offering a Level 1 Reiki Course (other levels will be coming soon).

There are three Reiki levels. Level 1 Reiki course is the beginner’s foundation level. We will cover:

  • The history of Reiki
  • The Reiki Precepts
  • How to sense and work with energy
  • Information about our body’s energy systems
  • Self healing techniques and hand positions
  • Treating other people, with hands on experience
  • How to ground and protect yourself
  • How to use your intuition
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Japanese Reiki techniques
  • Positive thinking and intentions

You will be ‘attuned’ to the energy so that you can access it any time. You will also receive a handbook, certificates and a copy of your lineage, which is like a family tree tracing your teachers back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. You will also receive a personalised certificate. I will also offer life-long support on your journey.

How much is it?

The level 1 Reiki course is £280 for a two day course.

How long is the Reiki course?

The Reiki course takes place over two days, usually from 9am-3pm. Roughly 12 hours in total. I can teach a one-to-one class, or if you have friends and family who would like to learn, I can teach a small group at a time to suit you. Please call, email, text/WhatsApp to arrange a class.

Mobile: 07808 835025

What is your experience in teaching?

I have a post graduate certificate in teaching (PGCE-Post Graduate Certificate in Education), and I was previously a primary school teacher. I also have experience as a Trainer/Area Manager for an international education company (Kumon UK).

My in-depth training in education means that I can use a variety of methods to suit different learning styles. Although the course is mainly lecture based, there is plenty of practical work involved and various exercises so we won’t just be sitting around! There are ample opportunities for you to ask questions. If you require more time to learn, we can arrange arrange an extra half day to ensure that you are not rushed.

I endeavour to listen carefully to all my students and always try to explain as succinctly and as clearly as possible, whilst keeping a good pace.

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