Scar Massage Therapy

What is Scar Massage?

Almost everyone has scars, but some of us have larger scars that can cause restrictions in our movement, with feelings of discomfort, itchiness, pain, numbness, swelling and emotional distress. Scars can be the result of traumatic events as well as surgery. Sometimes the skin does not heal well, and the resulting scar tissue can feel tough and inflexible, causing a variety of problems. Adhesions can form under the skin, causing pulling sensations and dysfunctional movement.

Scar Massage therapy can work well on both old and new scars. It involves very gentle scar massage techniques. Scar Massage feels different from conventional massage, as it involves a very light touch. Even so, it is extremely effective and you may begin to notice a difference just after one or two sessions.

My aim is to get you moving properly again, and to feel more comfortable in your body by relieving any discomfort. The scars should feel softer, with less pain, restrictions and swelling. If there is any loss of sensation, Scar massage can stimulate the nerves, helping to relieve numbness. Circulation to the affected area is improved, bringing warmth and flexibility.

I like to combine Scar Massage therapy with Soft Tissue work, as my knowledge of anatomy, muscles, fascia and skin will help me to uncover any functional movement problems. Sometimes other areas of your body may require clinical massage therapy, especially if you are experiencing pain.

What types of scars can you treat?

Raised hypertrophic scars


Burn scars

Surgical scars (such as C-Sections, reconstructions, augmentations, hip/knee replacements, cancer surgery, keyhole, cosmetic surgery, open surgery etc.)

Self harm scars

Deep, indented scars

Skin grafts

Scar Massage is especially effective for new scars after the wound has healed, the stitches have been removed and the scabs have gone. This is usually after 8 weeks post injury/surgery unless you have clearance from your GP to start sooner. Scar therapy may prevent the scar from growing too much, speed the rate of healing and improve swelling. The ideal time to have treatment is when the scar is between 2-6 months old, as the tissues are easily remodelled at this stage.

Scar therapy works on scars older than 6 months too. The sooner you can start, the better the results.

What cannot be treated?

Scar Massage therapy is less effective for acne scars or stretch marks as they are on the most superficial level of your skin. However, massage in general may help to increase circulation and healing to the affected areas.

It is also inadvisable to have scar treatment when there is surgical mesh underneath as this may compromise the support it provides.

The skin must not be infected, weeping or have open wounds.

Work cannot be done on the torso during pregnancy, but scar massage is suitable for other areas of the body when pregnant.

During radiotherapy, the skin is too sensitive for treatment, but scar massage can commence 2 weeks after the last radiotherapy session.

What happens during a Scar Massage treatment?

We will start with a consultation where I will take some details from you and discuss how you came to have your scars and the way that they affect you physically, emotionally and mentally.

We will usually begin with a postural assessment, as this will give me clues about how the scars have affected your body. I will also conduct tests on whether your muscles are moving correctly and to assess their current range of movement. For the assessment, I require you to wear something form-fitting, or preferably, you can be in your undergarments, as long as you are comfortable with that.

I will use a variety of massage techniques to release and soften the scars and surrounding areas. This is an active treatment, where you will be moving parts of your body as we work. I will constantly be in communication with you to get feedback on any changes.

Depending on the scar, I will discuss methods of scar care, talk about products that may help, give you exercises to do and teach you self-scar massage techniques to use at home.

We will also discuss the number of treatments that you may require for your scars to improve. Typically around 4-6 sessions are required to begin with, but this will vary depending on the severity of the scars.

Afterwards, I hope to see a positive change in your movement and comfort levels! Sometimes the appearance will improve too. Scars may look a little softer and less pronounced.

burn scar on torso
scar massage therapy Kenley surrey
hypertrophic surgical scar on leg.
scar massage therapy Kenley Surrey