5 star reviews for Charlin at blossom reiki

I had a reiki treatment with Charlin shortly after a death in the family.  After the treatment I had a good night’s sleep, where previously I had been lying awake for hours.  Also over the next few days I noticed that I wasn’t randomly busting into tears as much as I had been, and I felt slightly calmer.  I feel that the reiki was emotionally healing for me and marked a turning point in accepting what had happened.  Afterwards I seemed to cope better with making funeral arrangements, as well as with the day to day things that always need doing.  So thank you Charlin, for helping me hold things together at a really difficult time.

H. Jones, Purley

I was under the weather with a head cold when Charlin first treated me, focussing on my head and neck area. I’d felt pretty congested with a dull head for the last couple of days; no ‘man flu’ – just one of those things where you feel a bit rubbish whilst you get on with things. I didn’t know what to expect, being new to reiki, and was really pleasantly surprised, and so curious, as immediately after the treatment my bunged up nose and head cleared and felt completely normal again. I hadn’t taken any medicine, nor had I done anything differently. Right up to the treatment I was feeling a bit sorry for myself: straight after I was fine!

D. Greaves, Sutton

I had my first treatment with Charlin today and the moment I entered her home I knew I’d made the right decision!

Such a beautiful and inviting space, coupled with a warm and friendly greeting-I instantly felt at ease and incredibly comfortable.

Charlin completed postural assessments and was able to immediately identify potential tight/painful areas, I’d benefit from her working on. She was right!

My chest was tight and had knots in this region of my body, which I wasn’t aware of-Charlin worked through any tension and I immediately felt expansion in my breathing, wonderful!

I was then treated to Reiki healing on my forearms (another area of my body where I hadn’t noticed tension!)-this was such a lovely experience, my arms felt lighter at at one point I felt myself ‘melting’ into the massage bed! My treatment ended with a back massage…I can’t thank Charlin enough for her care and attention, not to mention her healing hands! I’ll definitely be back and highly recommend!

Kerry H, Caterham “Calm with Kerry” Yoga Teacher and Sound Therapist

Reiki 1 with Charlin was everything I had hoped it would be and feels like the beginning of a new journey.

Charlin is very knowledgeable and thorough and the course content is interesting and concise with timely planning.

I loved that we were able to include practical elements so that I could trial and ask questions when I was unsure.

Highly recommend Charlin’s teaching and thank her for the experience.

Jodie Ritchie

The course was so much more than I’d anticipated. Very well explained, gently and in detail. Intensive but yet not, because of the well thought through content and its units of length, plus the breaks.

Davina, London

I had a reiki session and also conducted the level 1 course with Charlin. The Reiki session was so comforting and relaxing. I usually struggle with either going to sleep or staying asleep, but after reiki I was asleep by 7:30pm and I slept the best I have had in years. 

The level 1 course was the best decision and the best investment in my own self-care that I could have made. The course taught me so much and I could tap into areas straight away with Charlin’s guidance. I couldn’t believe how much she taught me, with such ease, in only a few hours. The course covered a wide range of topics and also provided some valuable spiritual tools like grounding and protection exercises. I would highly recommend Charlin’s course to anyone interested in reiki but also to anyone looking for ways to slow down and create some self-care practices. 

Lea. C, Caterham

Review after first scar therapy session: The NHS made me feel hopeless with my scar. Now I feel hopeful in continuing improvement in sensation and movement. The surface scar beneath my breast is less sensitive to touch than normal-it feels soothed rather than jittery. My breast feels warmer and there is more sensation than normal.

F.L London

I loved the course! Charlin is a wonderful teacher and the course is designed with her heart and soul. It is the perfect mix of practical and theory. The course is so interactive and allows you to explore yourself. Thank you Charlin!

Paulina Marczuk