I had a reiki treatment with Charlin shortly after a death in the family.  After the treatment I had a good night’s sleep, where previously I had been lying awake for hours.  Also over the next few days I noticed that I wasn’t randomly busting into tears as much as I had been, and I felt slightly calmer.  I feel that the reiki was emotionally healing for me and marked a turning point in accepting what had happened.  Afterwards I seemed to cope better with making funeral arrangements, as well as with the day to day things that always need doing.  So thank you Charlin, for helping me hold things together at a really difficult time.

H. Jones, Purley

I was under the weather with a head cold when Charlin first treated me, focussing on my head and neck area. I’d felt pretty congested with a dull head for the last couple of days; no ‘man flu’ – just one of those things where you feel a bit rubbish whilst you get on with things. I didn’t know what to expect, being new to reiki, and was really pleasantly surprised, and so curious, as immediately after the treatment my bunged up nose and head cleared and felt completely normal again. I hadn’t taken any medicine, nor had I done anything differently. Right up to the treatment I was feeling a bit sorry for myself: straight after I was fine!

D. Greaves, Sutton