What to expect

A full treatment

Before your first treatment there will be a consultation where I will take your details and medical history. Any information I gather will be confidential. This part will take about 20 minutes.

Next, you will lie down (fully clothed) on a treatment table; now all you need to do is close your eyes and relax! Alternatively you can sit down if that is more comfortable for you.There will be soft music and low lighting. I can also diffuse essential oils if you wish. 

Using my hands I will detect any imbalances in your energy field, this only takes a minute.

During the actual session I will either place my hands directly on you or hold them a few inches away. Each area is treated for a few minutes. I will not touch your face, neck or private areas.

I work from head to toe, first treating the front before moving onto the back of the body. This will take about 45 minutes.

Afterwards we review the treatment and may discuss whether further sessions are required.

How does it feel?

Everyone experiences the energy in different ways; it may be perceived as heat, coldness, tingling or buzzing.

Occasionally some people don’t feel anything. An emotional release is common in the form of laughing or crying. From experience I’ve observed that most people go into deep relaxation and often fall asleep. Usually ailments show improvement and in the following few days energy levels can increase. Sometimes clients experience a detox; this is nothing to worry about and is simply caused by the energy dislodging toxins from the body. 

I cannot guarantee a specific outcome but however you feel will be right for you!